The Wiltshire Badger Group Providers of badger consultancy and advice for developers and individuals to ensure they meet their legal obligations by taking care of badgers and their environment.
Badger Law - The main legislation protecting badgers is the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.
Badger Rehabilitation - The Wiltshire Badger Group has adopted the Badger Rehabilitation Protocol produced in 2003 by NFBG, RSPCA and Secret World.asics mizuno okley airmax barbour celine nike rayban vans michaelkors newbalance nikefree
Badgers in your Garden - Few people are fortunate enough to have a visiting badger.  Please treat the animal kindly and do contact the NFBG or your local badger group for further advice or information.
Badgers and TB - Badgers have for many years been the scapegoat for Bovine TB. For 30 years attempts have been made to prove that badgers are the cause of TB in cattle, but no proof has been forthcoming.
Threats to Badgers - Badgers in the UK are threatened by both legal and illegal activities.
Badger Persecution - Badgers and their setts are legally protected from intentional cruelty, such as badger-baiting, and from the results of other human activities, such as building developments.
Links - National Federation of Badger Groups NFBG and Secret World Wildlife Rescue.
Contact the Wiltshire Badger Group for further information and help regarding badgers.