Badgers and TB

Badgers have for many years been the scapegoat for Bovine TB.  For 30 years attempts have been made to prove that badgers are the cause of TB in cattle, but no proof has been forthcoming.

Currently, the British Government is funding yet another scientific trial in designated parts of the UK North Wiltshire being one of those areas!  At varying times of the year operatives from the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) trap and shoot badgers in the Devizes area.  The Wiltshire Badger Group deplores this unnecessary slaughter of badgers and urges the Government to carry out its testing using badgers killed on the roads and not add to this carnage.

The huge amounts of money currently being spent killing badgers would be much better spent helping farmers by developing a vaccination for cattle and preventing the spread of TB through cattle movements.

A badger trapped by DEFRA waiting to be shot.